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This is a FREE tool to recover Outlook autocomplete contacts function (NK2 Nickname Cache)


Step 1 - Upload the NK2 damaged/corrupted file

The .NK2 file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook. The file is usually called Outlook.NK2 but can also be called [USER].NK2.

Notes: Normally the folder 'Application Data' and the file .NK2 are hidden. To view hidden files go to Tools> Folder Options> View> Hidden files and folders> Show all hidden files and folders

(max size 5MB)

Step 2

Close Outlook if still open and delete the corrupt .NK2 file that you select according to the step 1 (it would be recomended make a backup of the file). Are explained in more detail how to do this at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287623

Step 3

With the contacts extracted from the NK2 file we will force Outlook to regenerate a brand new NK2 file. This can be done sending a email to all our contacts.

  1. Verify the extracted data and delete records corrupted. You can also change the names of contacts if you wish
  2. Open Outlook and for avoid send the email to all the contacts you can turn of the internet connection or:
    1. Go to Tools > Options > Mail Setup and uncheck Send immediately when connected.
    2. Click in Send and Receive button and uncheck the option Send / Receive every...
    3. Set Outlook in offline mode from File menu > Offline Mode.
  3. Create a new message(Ctrl+U) and fill the field TO with all the extracted contacts (see below the information retrieved). Important: if you have more than 600 addresses this step must be done in two parts. I.e. create two emails being half of the addresses in the To field for each one.
  4. Click SEND and DELETE the email from the Outbox.
  5. Close Outlook and open it again.
  6. Return to the original setting which was changed in step 2.

That's it!

Information retrieved from the NK2 file:

Total recovered: 0

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